Curiosity At a Young Age

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 Attention Curious People,
     Curiosity is one of the most important skills for children to start developing at a young age. Children who are curious about the world can focus longer and derive more meaning from whatever they are interested in! Curiosity is certainly a skill that children will carry with them as they mature into adults.
      In our Little Acres program we promote curiosity in our young learners by providing various activities and choices throughout the day. When given choices, children become independent, autonomous learners that pursue their own interests. Posing meaningful questions, sharing the joy of a new discovery and modeling what curiosity looks like are all teaching strategies implemented every day in order to inspire our children to stay focused and curious.
      As curiosity grows, confidence also has the potential to grow. Confident children are happier, have an easier time making friends, and feel like their thoughts and voices are more valued by the people in their lives. Former NASA astronaut, physicist and engineer Mae Jemison said it best:


           Mae Jemison
      Please take a look at the article below for ideas on how to promote curiosity in our children.
 Happy Reading!
   – Julie and Elliot
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