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Teaching children how to be empathetic people is one of the most important things they can learn at a young age. When a child is able to care about how someone else is feeling, it shows they are maturing as a person and able to connect with others. In the Little Acres program, we help foster the development of empathy everyday. Pointing out facial expressions, tone of voice, feelings and behaviors is something the teachers do frequently in Little Acres.
     Here are a few more of the advantages of empathy…
  • Health Benefits. Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your health is develop empathy?
  • Improves Communication Skills. Empathy involves picturing how another person thinks or feels, learning how to have it can significantly strengthen your communication skills.
  • Work Benefits. Stress relief and enhanced communication skills are only two of the many reasons everyone should bring empathy into the workplace or classroom environment
  • Prosocial Behavior. We as human beings are all wired to need close, meaningful relationships.
  • Decreases Negativity in World. So often when we read the news, we’re overwhelmed by the calamities affecting people all around the world.
We found an interesting article on how to teach empathy to children, we hope you get a chance to read it. Click on the link to have a look…
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