Club 45

Welcome to Club 45!  We are thrilled to be a part of your children’s daily lives during this unique time.  Our goal is to support your child’s distance learning by creating a safe space so they may navigate through their daily schedules.  We believe that your kids are at an age where autonomy is so vital.  Interactions among their peers and their numerous educators are so important to their success and we want to be a support.     

My name is Jaycie Cellini and I have been at WACC for four years.  Currently I am enrolled in school to further my education.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  Fun fact, my mom works at WACC too!  I am passionate about my dog, living a healthy lifestyle, and baseball, GO GIANTS! 

My name is Kim Bondad and I have been a teacher at WACC for the last two years.  I have two amazing kids; my oldest is a sophomore at Northgate and my youngest is a 1st grader at Walnut Acres.  This is my second year in Club 45 so I am really excited to be able to continue our popular activities to help enrich our kids as they move closer to middle school!

March News

Happy March! Our documentaries this month include: Kindness Is Contagious (Tubi), Dream Big (Netflix), A Place at the Table (Tubi), and Waiting for Superman (Hulu). Kindness Is Contagious (NR) talks about the impact and infectiousness of human kindness and compassion. Dream Big (NR) explores the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels—big [...]

Celebrating Black History Month

During February Club 45 is recognizing Black History Month with a variety of activities from an African American Freedom Quilt Challenge to an African American History Museum Virtual Field Trip! Club 45 teachers are excited to bring a new element to our program for the next month! We realize that these activities will potentially bring […]


What is teasing?  How can it be avoided?  Is there any way to prevent it from happening all together? As you can imagine, most of these questions are completely dependent on the individual. What one child may describe as teasing another child may not even notice. Teasing, unfortunately seems to be an inevitable part of […]

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of Club 45 at Walnut Acres Children’s Center! It is nice to see some new faces as well as some veterans! A typical day of Club 45 starts off with signing in, options during this time include: answering the question of the day, solving the riddle, reading today in history, […]

RPG Club

Club 45 has recently expanded to include a new club. The RPG (Role-Playing Game) Club was initiated by one of our staff who was previously introduced to RPG and provided access to the games during the Winter Break. The children showed so much interest that it was decided that it should find a permanent home […]

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