Give the Gift of Time

Kids Want the Gift of YOU this Holiday! I don’t mean you need to wrap yourself up in wrapping paper with a bow on your head and slide yourself under the Christmas tree or the glowing lights of the menorah. I want you to realize you are your child’s everything and time spent with you as their parent […]

Play Is Learning

“A child’s play is his work.” -Dr. Gary Landreth At Walnut Acres Children’s Center, this is a quote we take to heart! In our Junior Kindergarten program, we use play in all academic areas to promote learning. Besides practicing important social skills (like making friends and working out problems with each other), playing is essential […]

Holiday Ready?

‘Tis the season to be…… How would you personalize this sentence? Jolly? Stressed? Partied out? Busy? Worried? Although the holidays are filled with gatherings and parties, many people find it to be a stressful time as well. For myself, I always host a Christmas Eve dinner at my house with my side of the family, […]

When Conflict Arises …

“He hit me!” “No I didn’t! She took my block!” How many times have we as teachers and parents heard similar arguments between children? If your answer is “never” please write to me and tell me your secret! All joking aside, these conflicts are a healthy and normal part of growing up. These are referred [...]

F is for Friendship

February is the month of love! That love is for our partner, family, and friends. In our class, we work on socialization skills all year, but the special Valentine holiday is the prime time to focus on further building friendships. Children come to school to learn math, writing, and letter sounds and these are important […]

Sensory Play

This week we have been discussing the seasons and weather changes. With our California weather being so mild, how could we teach our students about snow or ice? Through sensory play of course! Sensory play provides meaningful experiences and allows our children to experiment. I set up the following stations for this week’s seasons [...]


Julie Avery

Julie Avery is our Early Learning Administrator who leads a team of dedicated teachers to form our Little Acres program. With a California teaching credential and over 20 years of teaching experience, Julie provides our youngest learners with the skills they need to enter Kindergarten. Her passion is to bring play and academics to the classroom. When she’s not making slime or painting, Julie enjoys going to the beach with her family.

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