Year Almost Over

In May, children are reviewing all of the skills that were taught to them this year. They are getting their heart rates up and remaining active for the entire P.E. session by playing engaging and fun activities! Before the school year is over, the children will be taking home a P.E. Book. The P.E. books […]

Catching in March

Hello Parents, ​Have you ever heard of the term “physical literacy” when it comes to physical education? It’s a new concept and has gained a lot of attention in the physical education field as well as in child development. Experts agree that physical literacy is just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Physical [...]

Balancing in October

Hello Parents! I can’t believe that it’s October already! Time sure flies by fast! Before you know it, the month of December is going to hit and the holidays will be just around the corner. But let’s take it one month at a time. For October, the children in P.E. are learning a fundamental skill […]

2017-2018 School Year

Hello parents! Welcome to another wonderful school year! Walnut Acres Children’s Center continues to provide a quality P.E. Program for the Junior Kindergartners, Transitional Kindergartners, and Kindergartners that attend our center after school. Our program offers children the opportunity to explore and learn the fundamental movement [...]

Striking with Implements!

Last month’s P.E. was a very unique time for the kids. The children were all learning how to strike with a variety of implements in April. Striking with Implements is a fundamental motor skill that uses a swinging pattern in horizontal or vertical planes with the use of a long implement. The implements used to accomplish […]

Learning How To Kick

Hello Parents! Children are having a great time with this month’s skill: Kicking. Kicking is striking of an object with the feet. The movement of kicking requires accuracy, body control, point of contact, force, and direction. Our P.E. program gives children the opportunity to explore kicking with a variety of balls, kick balls just for fun [...]

Learning How To Catch

For the month of February, the Jr. K – Kindergarten children are learning how to catch. Catching is the receiving and controlling of an object by the body or its parts. Cues for Catching: Low Level Catch: Thumbs in for catch above waist High Level Catch: Thumbs out for catch at or below the waist We […]

Learning to Throw

Happy New Year everyone! For the month of December, the Jr. K – Kindergarten children are learning how to throw. Throwing is a basic movement pattern performed to propel an object away from the body. Children who learn to throw effectively are able to particpant confidently in a wide range of activities such as baseball, football, and [...]

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Physical Entertainment Program

W.A.C.C. has created a Wellness Program to guide youngsters in the process of becoming physically active for a lifetime.  As the Wellness Coordinator, Yemi Onibokun has worked in the child care field for over a decade.  His passion is to create new and innovative games for our kids as well as being fit to ensure a healthier lifestyle.  When he’s not creating games for kids you can find him on the football field or the dance floor!

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