Welcome to 2nd & 3rd grade cohort, also known as R2D3!  We are excited for this opportunity to help your children with their education as well as impart our own WACC style!  Our goal is to support our 2nd & 3rd graders socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  These are different times, but we know children and can help them adapt to their new schedules. 

My name is Yemi and I received my bachelor’s degree from SFSU and have been working with children for almost 15 years.  My passion is to create new fun and active games for children to promote their healthy growth and development.  On my free time you can find me playing sports, dancing, and hiking!   

My name is Sarah Nelson and I received my bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State.  I am also the Assistant Director of WACC.  I am currently filling the role of the second R2D3 teacher.  I have been a part of WACC since I was a child at the center but have worked as a teacher on and off for the last twenty years!  My husband and I have two children, our son is a freshman at Northgate & our daughter is in 4th grade at Walnut Acres. On my spare time I enjoy camping, hiking, swimming, and absolutely love our dog & cats!  My passion truly lies in neurodiversity, and anti-bias curriculum in the classroom and in life!

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