A typical day of Club 45 starts off with signing in, options during this time include: answering the question of the day, solving the riddle, reading today in history, eating leftover lunches, going to get snack at the center, chatting with friends, and more! After about 15 minutes of signing in we move into the classroom where students will be given the option of two teacher sponsored activities. During this time they also have the option of working on homework, chatting with friends, drawing, building with legos, and participating in activities back at the center. At 4:00 each afternoon (with the exception of Fridays) homework club will begin in the adjoining room. Teacher sponsored activities will still continue to happen.

Other fun activites at Club 45 include: Leadership, iPad “App of the Day” Fridays, Shark Tank, Walnut Aces Guinness Records, Wordsearch Wednesdays, Game Show Mondays, Artist of the Month, Kahoot, and Lifeskills!

We offer a wide range of flexible schedules for each program including before, during, & after elementary school hours. Please inquire for more specific information based on your family’s needs.

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