We provide a hands-on, active program that awards children the opportunity for extra exploration before & after school. With an emphasis on Dramatic Play, Science, Art, Carpentry, and Movement there is extra time to focus on what each child loves as well as broaden their horizons through self-directed play. When children are afforded the opportunity for self-directed play they are able to learn how to take healthy risks; find innovative ways to think about the world, and how it works; and experience the joy of self-discovery. Children learn to take healthy risks, and practice necessary foundations of real-life skills.

Physical Entertainment is another essential part of our Enrichment Program. Our goal is to teach children to explore and develop a wide range of motor skills through developmentally appropriate games. We want to encourage children to become physically active for a lifetime!

We offer a wide range of flexible schedules for each program including before, during, & after elementary school hours. Please inquire for more specific information based on your family’s needs.

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