Play Is Learning

“A child’s play is his work.” -Dr. Gary Landreth

At Walnut Acres Children’s Center, this is a quote we take to heart! In our Junior Kindergarten program, we use play in all academic areas to promote learning. Besides practicing important social skills (like making friends and working out problems with each other), playing is essential to brain growth. Here are just some examples of what you may see in our Jr. K classroom/playroom and why we do it:
Blocks, Puzzles, Marble Maze: promotes spatial awareness and mathematical problem solving experiences.
Water Play: the Scientific Method is explored and the concept of volume is discovered.
Balls and Playground Play: Large motor skills are developed that help children learn to read later in life.
Legos, Playdough, Art: Fine motor skills are strengthened which help with writing skills.
House Area, Animals, Dress Up: Communication, langauge and problem solving skills are emerging.

Most of us would agree that play is important because children experience true joy from it. Our kids reward us with a belly laugh and smile when they are having fun and honestly, what’s better than that?
Click the link below to find out more of the fascinating brain-play connection.

~Julie Avery

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