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Knowing how to keep children amused through the school holidays can sometimes be daunting for parents. Especially when there are a million things to check off on that never ending “list”. I think it’s important for parents to make sure that their children should always be at the top of the list. The quantity of time that you spend with your children matters just as much as the quality of that time. One day each week, squeeze your schedule into your family life, rather than your family into your schedule. Find things that you can do together as a family. Make sure that you give each child individualized attention. Talk to your child; find out how they’re doing. Make yourself responsible for having a finger on their pulse. Be accessible, even when you’re busy. Listed below are links & ideas to help find different activities around the bay. Give the gift of time to your children this holiday season!

– XOXO Jaime

Staying at home
Of course, on some days, you will find yourselves stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to be bored. You could take the opportunity to spend some time sharing a favorite game. Not sure what to do? Check out a few of these activities below:

  • Movie day – choose a couple of favorite movies get some popcorn and put your feet up rain or shine!
  • Get cooking – pick a recipe with the kids, go shopping for ingredients and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterwards.
  • Dig out the puzzles, games and books. Who doesn’t like a game of Monopoly or Life every once in a while?!
  • Go through your closet and play dress up with your old clothes. Sort through your clothes together and donate the ones that you never wear and the items your little one has grown out of.
  • Encourage the kids to put on a performance. They could even use the dress up clothes and props from around the house. Don’t forget the camera for special moments like these!
  • Build a fort with the kids – if the weather is ok, you could even risk doing this outside! All you need is some boxes or sofa cushions, a few blankets, and a bit of imagination.
  • Create a scrapbook together using photos from your family album, or torn from magazines.

The great outdoors
Sunny days are great for simple activities like picnics and games. Kids never grow tired of the amazing parks in our backyard either!

  • Organize a treasure hunt around your home with clues and treats for the children to find. You could even make this a group event with the neighborhood kids.
  • Hold your own mini Olympics with games that require little equipment… a potato sack race with pillowcases, a tug of war with a belt! Use your imagination.
  • Heather Farm Park, Arbolado Park, Borges Ranch, Castle Rock, Rock City, Lime Ridge; these are just a few of the amazing parks in our backyard.

​Don’t try and fill every minute of every day. Encourage your children’s imagination and independence – let them play in their rooms too!

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