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Spring is here which means more outdoor time and enjoying the blossoming of flowers. The end of March and beginning of April is an exciting time for our cohort. We can participate in more nature walks and eventually enjoy water play. The students of R2D3 are glad to finally be back to in person learning. Just over a year ago the world as we knew it changed. Kids stopped playing sports, going to school in person and even eating out with their families at restaurants. But slowly over the past couple months the world is slowly opening and everyone is able to enjoy some of what they took for granted in the past. Over the next month R2D3 will continue their how to draw series and drawing spring based objects like cherry blossom trees and national parks. We will also be playing more outdoor games such as, Pac-Man tag and baseball. 


We have many spring and Easter-themed projects in store for the coming month, such as pastel/watercolor dandelions, making suncatchers, paper suns, and paper lilies. Many of these art projects could also make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day! In general, we are looking forward to warmer weather and hoping to enjoy many of these activities in the sun. 


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