Giving Kids a Sense of Security

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This year has been filled with so many twists and turns which can add to the anxiety of adults and children alike.  As the Director of WACC it has been my mission to continue to provide a sanctuary of normalcy for your kids.  Giving your children a sense of security ensures a feeling of stability and consistency.  So, when your child feels this way it means we as their caregivers are dependable, reliable, and have a genuine care for them.  This security that we are providing them helps to develop emotional, mental, and physical health.  Here are some other qualities that children can benefit from when they have a sense of security:


  • Develop a sense and knowledge of boundaries.  This allows the children to know and feel that their home and families are practicing consistency.  As a result, your children will feel respected and develop a sense of respect for you.
  • Feel that they can trust you.  When children have a sense of security, they know that they can trust you.  They know that you will meet their needs and they don’t have to worry.  Trust is an extremely important part of feeling secure.
  • Gain healthy relationships with others.  A sense of security can help individuals to feel more comfortable when they encounter and interact with other people.  So, your children may connect better with their peers as well as the other adults in their lives as a result of feeling secure and safe.
  • Have more self-confidence.  Children who have a real feeling of security tend to feel more comfortable with who they are.  They feel less afraid to learn about themselves and their world.  They are not fearful about growing up and developing into the people that they are meant to be!
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