Children are naturally motivated to learn until they’re about 7 years old. After this time, they’ll need the ability to motivate themselves. A vital skill to succeed once learned. Self motivation can only come from within but there are ways that you can help your child nurture this trait.

1. Encourage Optimism, focus on solutions to problems,
2. Encourage Persistence, reward effort rather than just success.
3. Deal with Failure, let your child know and accept that sometimes they will fail.
4. Encourage Interests, those who have a range of interests will be exposed to different opportunities.
5. Celebrate Achievement, knowing how to celebrate and enjoy success will give them something positive to aim for.
6. Make Success Possible, give them the opportunity to experience positive emotions that go with being successful.
7. Foster Their Interests, encourage them to learn about new things.
8. Adapt to Their Learning Style, what is your child’s preferred style? Once established, learning can be seen as fun and not a chore.

By starting early and encouraging your child in a positive way, you can help them to develop a trait that will be useful for the rest of their lives!

​-Tracy Enright

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