Are you signing your child up for programs at WACC? Click on the link below to view all the necessary forms for your child to register with WACC.

Log in to your CuraCubby account to sign up. Holiday sign ups are days when Walnut Acres Elementary is closed and Walnut Acres Children’s Center is open.

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  • Teaching Gratefulness
    Teaching Gratefulness
    A couple of weeks ago, I took my two young children to Round Table for a fun end of season soccer party.  They both played at least $20 worth of arcade games, ate gooey pizza, played with [...]
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  • Teasing
    What is teasing?  How can it be avoided?  Is there any way to prevent it from happening all together? As you can imagine, most of these questions are completely dependent on the individual. What [...]
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  • Connecting with the natural world!
    Connecting with the natural world!
    Children need time to explore outdoors. They need access to a wide variety of materials and to have opportunities to manipulate or “mess about” with them.  We’ve created our sensory garden [...]
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