Activities for April

 In PE Wall

P.E. isn’t just limited to only Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every other Friday, there is Rhythm and Dance (R.A.D.) from 12:30 P.M. to 1:05 P.M.

R.A.D. is another component of the physical education program. It focuses on rhythmic skills and movement of patterns. Children have fun listening to music while dancing and learning different styles of dance such as “The Twist” and the “Macarena Dance.”

Rhythmic Skills

The Rhythm station teaches the children counting in a beat, clapping in a beat, snapping their finger in a beat and stomping in a beat. They also learn to keep a beat as a group by hearing each other clapping, snapping, counting or stomping. Parents, maybe when in the car listening to music you can help your child by practicing clapping or snapping their fingers to the beat!

Wellness Concepts 

In this station, your child is learning about all the different foods that give energy. They talk about how healthy foods give you more energy and not healthy food gives you low energy. “There is no such thing as bad or good food!”


At the Self-Responsibility station, the children have to draw and color their feelings during P.E. time. There are questions on each paper asking them: the purpose of PE, what their favorite activity is in P.E., and how they feel after PE.

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