Activities for February

 In PE Wall

Children in P.E. are continuing having fun and learning to do the three skills for this month!

For running they are playing a lot of tag games. Games like, “get out of my hoop” which is a game of about three taggers and the rest of the children are running from them. There are limited hula hoops that placed all around the field space and the children that are running from the taggers have to get into a hoop. If the hoop is occupied, they simply say “get out of my hoop”. At that point, the child in the hoop has to then run to another hoop without getting tagged. If tagged, they join the rest of the taggers. The teacher then starts to take away hoops to make it more of a challenge.

In the collecting station, they are learning the concept of “next to”, “through”, “on top of”, and “under”. In this activity, the teacher had scattered bean bags around the room. They were placed on top of tables or cones, under cones or tables and through hula hoops. The teacher would call out where they needed to find a bean bag either next to, through, under or on top of something.

Jumping and Landing
In the last station, they are learning the proper way of jumping and most importantly, landing. They are learning when jumping they have to bend their knees and swing your arms. The activities have been jumping over hurdles and into hula hoops. They start off with small hurdles then bunny hop through hoops and end with jumping over big hurdles.

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