Activities for October

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Hi Parents,

We had our first indoor rainy day activity in P.E. this month, which was a huge success.  The children enjoyed playing our big group game Base Battle, throwing stuffed balls to the opposing team.  Once children were hit by a ball they had to go through three different stations before returning to the game.  Each stations activity reinforced the three benchmarks: stomp rockets for force, “Simon Says” for relationships with people and played mini-golf for extensions.

The children are practicing force and the differences of light and strong force.  One of the activities the children are doing to demonstrate the two different types of force is hitting balls off cones using light force or strong force with bats.

Relationships with People
Children learn that it is more fun to play in a group than by yourself.  Each child uses a bean bag tossing it up in the air and then catching it.  Next the children pair up and practice throwing the bean bag back and forth to each other.

How children are extending their body parts is something children need to be aware of. In this activity, children explore how to move their bodies, using near and far extensions. They are trying to balance a foam ball with their partner by extending their arms, legs, neck, etc.

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