Give the Gift of Time

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Kids Want the Gift of YOU this Holiday!

I don’t mean you need to wrap yourself up in wrapping paper with a bow on your head and slide yourself under the Christmas tree or the glowing lights of the menorah. I want you to realize you are your child’s everything and time spent with you as their parent is the most precious gift we can give our children.
So, yes, my children will be getting a trampoline, LOL surprise plastic egg thing, and a dinosaur excavation kit all wrapped up pretty, but my goal will be to just be present with them. Just a few more minutes holding them, just one more book at night, one more question they want to ask me, and a few more pushes on the swing at the park. The greatest gift we can give our children cannot be bought or bottled up- it is our undivided, uninterrupted, loving attention to them, as they are our greatest gifts as well.
Happy Holidays!
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