Intentions & Gratitude

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Hello Club 45 Families! Happy New Year, we hope you all had a great break and that your new year is going better than last.  During January we talked a lot about setting goals and new intentions for 2021.  We talked a lot about monthly or even weekly goals because we find it important to set small goals. When setting small goals you are more likely to accomplish and keep that promise to yourself.  We have also been talking with the kids about gratitude.  It’s important to have the kids remember what they have and to not take it for granted.  I think we all learned to appreciate the small things a little bit more in 2020 and I hope to continue to appreciate those small things moving forward.  Asking the kids about the peak of their week and physically writing it down is just another example of appreciating the small things.  This month we are going to be talking a lot about love and Black History Month.  It’s important to teach the kids why we celebrate and have a black history month.  Learning about the historical hardships, and perseverance of people of color  is still relevant even today.
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