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Hello club 45 families!! Unfortunately since the last time we posted we have had one member of club 45 leave us, but we did gain a new member. Welcome Aria, we are so excited you are here with us!

This month we are choosing to focus on being respectful to one another. This is important to both Kim and I because respect is something that we value as do many other people.   It is important to be respectful and celebrate all of our differences.  Because of the holiday season we are talking about many different traditions and cultures.  Thankfully we have Hanna here to help us understand the beauty of Hanukkah!  We found it valuable to have Hanna help us celebrate and understand who celebrates, how people celebrate and what some of her own families traditions are.  We hope that everyone has a wonderful relaxing vacation!

We are also focusing on our social and emotional health by communicating our feelings and giving the kids the tools needed when they are feeling anxious or frustrated.  Life is so different, and we want to really emphasize to the kids that it is okay to feel your feelings!  We’ve incorporated activities like the control circle, where we highlight things that the kids can control and the things they can’t.


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