Learning How To Kick

 In PE Wall

Hello Parents!

Children are having a great time with this month’s skill: Kicking. Kicking is striking of an object with the feet. The movement of kicking requires accuracy, body control, point of contact, force, and direction. Our P.E. program gives children the opportunity to explore kicking with a variety of balls, kick balls just for fun at large targets, and tap/dribble a ball as in the beginning skills of soccer.

Cues for Kicking:

Point of Contact:

  • Instep (shoelaces)

Dribbling of a Ball:

  • Inside of Foot

Help your child practice their kicking! We recommend going to a park and kick a ball back and forth with your child. The more practice they get, the better they will become. Learning to kicking is a fundamental motor skill to learn. It will open many doors for a child to be and remain active for a life time.

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