Learning to Throw

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Happy New Year everyone!

For the month of December, the Jr. K – Kindergarten children are learning how to throw. Throwing is a basic movement pattern performed to propel an object away from the body. Children who learn to throw effectively are able to particpant confidently in a wide range of activities such as baseball, football, and basketball.

Cues for Throwing:

Underhand Throw:

  • Back Straight
  • Step with Opposite Step
  • Tick-Tock Motion arm
  • Follow-Through

Overhand Throw:

  • Shoulder/Side to Target
  • Throwing Arm Way Back
  • Step with Opposite Foot
  • Follow-Through

We encourage you to help your child practice the skill of throwing by participating with your children in activities such as catch in the backyard, beanbag toss, carnival games at an amusement park, basketball, bowling, and hot potateo.

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