Back to School Fever!

 In Koalas

We’re back to school 2 days a week!  In anticipation of our first day we practiced our new routes to our classrooms by practicing with our walking feet, giving our friends their space, and listening to our teachers!  When we returned at the end of the day to pick them up, there was a whole day’s worth of stories to share.  They told me about playing on the “far” playground, making all kinds of shapes on the geoboard with rubber bands, and they got to bring a painting home that they made in class.

Later in the week at the center, we set up the slackline – which is a tightrope close to the ground.  This is a great exercise to help kids with their balance and concentration.  At first, we had to help them walk across by holding their hands–but pretty soon they wanted to try it on their own. If they discovered they needed some help, they had each other to help guide them across the line. This activity was a great way for the kids to experience how you really can get better at a skill if you keep practicing it.

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