R2D3 Kindness

 In R2D3

Though we missed the first week of February, we were happy to be back in action in R2D3! We wrapped up January with a wide range of fun activities. We made unique firework art for the New Year, using plastic forks instead of paintbrushes! We ended the month with a day focused on compassion. In a round of “compliment trains,” everyone anonymously wrote down a compliment for each of their fellow cohort members. We focused on compliments about people’s character rather than superficial compliments. The kids reported that the activity made them feel confident and “warm and fuzzy.” Afterward, we had an affirmation circle in which we continued to spread positivity. We encouraged them to spread kindness and pay it forward for each other every day. 


We have lots of exciting activities planned for the month ahead! A paint and sip night with Capri sun’s and water color, healthy competition with the second vs third graders, a new weekly element of how to draw enhancing the kids artistic abilities and so much more. 


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