A New School to Create Physically Literate Children

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Welcome back Parents!

The P.E. team at Walnut Acres Children’s Center is excited to help foster and grow your kids into physically literate children. In a nutshell, physically literate people are individuals who have the physical competence, confidence, and motivation to be and remain active for a lifetime.

This year, the children will be learning eight fundamental movement skills to help build a strong foundation in their movement repertoire. The basics will help open doors for children to potentially pursue more active and challenging sports/activities for continued growth and remain active for a lifetime.

Learning physical movement skills is important, yet the P.E. program also provides tools that the children can use throughout their lives. As the children are focusing on these movement skills, the P.E. teachers will be creating an environment that is going to be emphasis on three values:

1. Teamwork
2. Perseverance
3. Choosing to be Active

We do this by allowing children to learn through failures, teaching an adaptable attitude to different situations, and making physical activity fun and thrilling.

“A child is a winner when they try their very best.”

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