Year Almost Over

 In PE Wall

In May, children are reviewing all of the skills that were taught to them this year. They are getting their heart rates up and remaining active for the entire P.E. session by playing engaging and fun activities!

Before the school year is over, the children will be taking home a P.E. Book. The P.E. books convey what they learned in P.E. that includes their favorite activities and interests. Each child gets the chance to design their very own book to represent who they are and what they have learned throughout the year. It also allows the teachers the opportunity to check for children’s understanding of what was taught.

In addition, we are having our annual P.E. Carnival as the last fun event we do in our program. Children get to participate in exciting skill-related activities that revolve around a theme. This is a highly anticipated event for the children and this year’s theme is Dinosaurs!

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