Activities for January

 In PE Wall

This week, children in the P.E. Program are continuing to explore the skills of balancing, chasing and fleeing, and rolling.

These are just a few activities the children are playing:

For balancing they played a game called “Mission Impossible.” The group had to start with balancing on different body parts and then had to balance on a piece of wood and to end the activity, they crawled through a tunnel.

Chasing and fleeing
For chasing and fleeing, children played Noodle Freeze Tag. When tagged with the soft colorful noodle, they had to stop and freeze and wait to be tagged by someone who wasn’t a Noodle Tagger.

Children in the rolling group practiced their forward rolls and log rolls. Not only are they learning about rolling but also learning how to work together by partnering up to help each other with their rolls.

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