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Happy New Year! 2021 has been exciting here at WACC. We have already celebrated many holidays and events this year.

We started the year by celebrating Martin Luther King day. We did coloring pages, word searches, and read many books for circle time all about Martin Luther King. At the end of the day we watched Dear Martin, a cartoon describing what Martin Luther King did for the world.  Sarah Nelson came to help with a discussion following the video where the kids had many questions, like “ Why didn’t everyone think Martin Luther King was doing the right thing.” or “Shouldn’t we solve problems by talking things out?” We we’re very proud to see that our first graders and Kindergartners were using their critical thinking skills on these big questions!

On January 20th, 2021 we put on the inauguration for the kids. They had the choice to watch or play but to our surprise lots of the kids chose to watch the inauguration. We think it is important for the kids to know what is going on in our country and to watch history in the making with our first ever female Vice President!

For Chinese New Year, we talked about what year everyone was born and what animal they are!  It is important here that we celebrate all cultures and make sure that everyone feels included.  We also got to end the day by having a little bit of Chinese food and fortune cookies. It was so yummy!

Being that we are more than halfway through the year it has been great to see how much these kids have learned in school and grown. I remember at the very beginning of the year the kids needed help with everything. Now when it comes to doing homework they know what to do and for the most part how to do it.


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