Catching in March

 In PE Wall

Hello Parents,

​Have you ever heard of the term “physical literacy” when it comes to physical education? It’s a new concept and has gained a lot of attention in the physical education field as well as in child development. Experts agree that physical literacy is just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Physical literacy helps children to become physically active. Evidence shows that physically active children get higher grades in school, have better social skills, and are happier and more confident individuals.

​Well, what is physical literacy you ask? In a nut shell, physical literacy is the competence, confidence, and motivation to stay active for a life time. It is the competence in a wide range of fundamental movement skills. Children develop skills such as running, skipping, jumping, catching, and throwing during their childhood.

​Children who are physically literate have the confidence and ability to do a wide range of physical activities, not just one or two sports, within different environments. Having the capacity and competency to be able to do many different skills will allow an individual to participate in a variety of activities according to their interests. This means they are more likely to enjoy healthy physical activity throughout their lives.

​As part of our physical education program, we are providing children with many physical literate experiences with an introduction to a wide range of fundamental movement skills for exploration. This month, the children are being exposed to catching, a skill that will open doors to many recreation and sport activities.

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