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One of the things that students in Club 45 seem to enjoy the most about the program is the fact that activities are different everyday. Teachers follow a framework schedule that highlights the students interests, such as: art, technology, outdoor physical games, game shows, science, board games, card games, and leadership. For the first few years of students attendance at the center the options in the afternoon often become ingrained: carpentry, art, outside play, game room activities, and yk room activities. These ingrained options in the afternoon hours are enriched in the Club 45 atmosphere. Often we even have children participating in “learning” activities long before they realize that they are learning.

One of the most enriching times, and therefore enjoyable times, is the last hour of Club 45 from four to five in the afternoon. This is the time on most days where Jasmine, a welcomed fresh face, enters the program and offers a variety of activities as listed on the calendar.

On Minute to Win It Mondays, different Minute to Win It activities occur. The students have also enjoyed a card game called 5 Second Rule, where they are given a category and within in five seconds must name three things within that category. It has become a favorite game that the students request at times other than Monday afternoons. These activities help them to: be quick thinkers, categorize, think outside of the box, and become better time managers.

On Trivia Tuesdays, different trivia games are played. Fourth and Fifth Grade Brainquests are used to ask questions. Additionally 20 Questions supplements these trivia afternoons. Trivia options are offered throughout the month, but Tuesdays are something that students look forward to regularly! These activities help them to: be quick thinkers, become better team players, increase general knowledge, and learn in different ways.

On Word search Wednesdays, two different word searches are printed out and then students are given the option to participate in word search races. Word search Wednesdays are a fan favorite! There is a group of five to ten regular participants. Students are timed for five minutes to see how many words they can find; at least one teacher usually participates as well, and the added option to “beat the teacher” creates an interesting different objective. This activity helps them with: word recognition, suffix and prefix recognition, time management, and friendly competition.

On Twisted Art Thursdays, different hands on art projects are offered. Sometimes these projects include: rainbow looms, hamma beads, friendship bracelets, and duct tape crafts. Students are often craving artistic outlets and Twisted Thursdays do just that for them! They are either given very loose instructions or no instructions at all and just allowed to create. These activities help them with: artistic expression, self-regulation, time management, and decision making skills.

Sometimes the end of our program, from four to five, is considered down time where teachers fill the space with simple projects. In Club 45, our goal is to enrich the students from the time we sign them in until the time that they leave. Our goal is to fill every minute with supplemental activities that will aid in learning for every aspect of the students life.

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