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Teachers have worked hard to create an environment that is fun, educational, and inviting for our children in 4th & 5th grades. We’re thrilled to say that Club 45 has become that place! By providing a variety of activities that range from S.T.E.A.M. & Trivia Hours, to Game Shows and Pokemon Hunts our kids can’t wait to be able to attend Club 45. We are focused on creating a space that will enrich students’ lives and help them transition into the high demands of their next stage – middle school!

​In structuring a program that allows for some earned independence it is important that we continue to instill and improve upon life skills. It takes a village; home, school, and Club 45 to consistently learn these basic skills. From establishing healthy habits, and decision making, to kitchen basics we hope to add to their life skills tool belt. It is our aim to provide them with an environment that will enrich their lives.

We are aiding in creating a sense of leadership amongst our kids. In a world where all students want to do is fit in, we are trying to instill the idea that there’s more to it than just fitting in. You want to lead others, including your peers and those younger then you in the right direction. In reading an article “15 Tips for instilling Leadership Skills in Children” it became evident that children learn leadership skills through different avenues. We’re thrilled to say Club 45 is already providing the foundation of leadership competency by encouragement and setting a good example.

What is a day in the life of Club 45 look like? We have cultivated an atmosphere where from the minute they walk in the door they have a variety of activities to choose from. We like to start the day with our Question of the Day, “What Happened on This Day” fact, or flexing their brains with a riddle. By participating in these activities each child is able to earn stickers which will help them to earn puzzle pieces for a Club 45 movie! By popular vote the choices of movies currently are: Blank Check, The Goonies, & Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. From there we have a variety of activities for each child to participate in. Each month Club 45 will hand out a calendar that lists these activities. There are always options to read, do your homework, and play board games specifically for their age, or just simply hangout with their friends. Technology days are Wednesdays & Fridays where I-pads are provided or can be brought for an hour of supervised play.

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