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We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We were sad to see some of our friends move away but are happy to welcome a couple new students into the K-1 Koala class! The kids are all becoming so close and comfortable with our small cohort. It is nice to have a smaller group sometimes because we can really see all the kids grow in school and build on all their relationships with their classmates!

With less in person days in November and December because of the holiday breaks, we are filling the time with holiday crafts and cheer. We are so happy that Elfred is still able to visit us even during these crazy times. Elfred, is our elf on the shelf who comes every year.  Having him come this year brings some normalcy back into our lives.
Last week Jacob brought in chocolate gelt and taught us all how to play dreidel. Heather worked hard in the kitchen to make latkes. The kids were excited to try new foods and get to learn about a different holiday culture.

Last week we did an iPad scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, and raked leaves to jump into the piles. It is important to combine technology and nature because those are two very big parts of their lives.  We had a blast!

We’re about halfway through the year, and the kids are finally adjusted to their zoom meetings. They have the schedule down to a T!  Having a set routine gives the kids confidence, comfortability and security that they need more than ever right now. Because of this routine it allows us to give the kids more freedom when it comes to doing classwork. When we come in from snack the kids know it is time for homework. We use to do all of our homework together but now they get to have the choice to choose what they want to do. Giving them the choice gives them some power and control of the situation, making them more willing to do the work.

Heather and I are very excited for the holidays. We hope you and your family have a great break and a Happy Holidays! We can’t wait for the New Year!

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